purpose & values

Life-Science Innovations Purpose and Values

“Individuals who focus on their Strengths are more engaged in their work and achieve greater results than those who do not.”

In 2005, Life-Science Innovations began training its managers on the Gallup Strengths concept of discovering employees’ natural talents and managing to those Strengths in order to maximize engagement and productivity. A Strengths-based approach is one that understands each employee brings a unique set of talents and drive to his or her job, and that if allowed to further develop and use those Strengths, everyone wins.

As a compliment to Life-Science Innovations & Affiliates’ Strengths-based culture, in 2012 the corporate Senior Leadership Team began work to instill a Servant Leadership model of management.  Servant Leadership gives management teams a greater level of autonomy and decision making authority than does a traditional a top-down style of management.  The Servant Leadership model gives each successive layer of management and its team control over their areas, which allows for more direct input and engagement from employees.

Our Strengths-based culture helps employees discover their strengths, and our Servant Leadership model empowers employees to maximize them.

Our corporate Purpose for the Life-Science Innovations family of affiliates is:

Life-Science Innovations applies innovative solutions that help our customers provide safe and affordable animal protein to feed the world.


We are guided by the following Values:

Employee Wellbeing – Each of our employees is unique and we are committed to unlocking his or her full potential.
Innovation – The new ideas of today will define our success in the future.
Stewardship – Our decision making is focused on future decades rather than the next quarter.
Trustworthiness – We say what we’ll do and do what we say.
Excellence – Our uncompromising drive to be the best.