Life-Science Innovations

Life-Science Innovations is the administrative umbrella for a family of innovative affiliated companies, which unite agriculture, engineering and the biosciences.  LSI provides strategic guidance, administrative support and capital funding to sustain, develop, and grow our current and future affiliate companies. Global demands for food are set to double by 2050, and our affiliated companies are focused on helping our customers meet that challenge.

We’ve never believed in the status quo when it comes to agricultural practices, and for nearly 70 years we have fostered an environment of discovery, invention, innovation and collaboration.  We understand that the next game changer is always right around the corner, and therefore we encourage our employees, from PhD scientists to front-line workers, to bring their strengths and ideas to the table.

What sets us apart from our competition is our belief that capitalizing on our innovative, novel technologies turns commodities into value-added products that allow our customers to bring healthy, safe and affordable animal protein to the world.