highlighting trustworthiness

Our organization has thrived in large part due to doing the right thing and keeping our word with employees and with our customers. This was integral to who Ted and Ray were as leaders to the point where Trustworthiness, doing what you say you are going to do, became a company value. It drove decisions in the beginning and continues to steer us today. 

Trustworthiness is displayed daily in our organization and we would love to hear your stories of Trustworthiness in action. Where have you seen someone do the right thing? What examples do you have of Trustworthiness, past or present, over the last 75 years with our organization?

**Anyone who submits a video will be contacted to receive a limited edition 75th Anniversary item!**


  1. Please limit your video to one minute or less.

  2. Past and current employees are welcome to submit a video. You will need an email through the organization to submit via the website. If you do not have an email through the organization, see below.

  3. Submissions will be accepted through April 30th, 2021.

  4. Watch the following sample video before recording and submitting your own video

Submit your video here!

Contact us at 75years@life-scienceinnovations.com if you:

  • Would like to review your edited footage before being used. We reserve the right to edit, trim down, use footage for promotional purposes or not use footage.

  • Do not have an email through our organization but would like to submit a video.

  • Would like some help gathering and recording your video.