August 28, 2021 admin

Working for a company that really focuses on one’s strengths and natural talents allows me to use those strengths and talents more than ever before and gives me the confidence I need to use utilize them effectively. Also, having a healthy work/life balance is so important for people and that is lived and breathed here every day. Having these commitments from Leadership sets the standard and allows for great collaboration, healthy staff, and ultimately a successful team.


August 28, 2021 admin

Being a leader is not about making yourself more powerful. It’s about making the people around you more powerful.


August 28, 2021 admin

Individuals who focus on their Strengths are more engaged in their work and achieve greater results than those who do not.

Sabrina Velasquez

January 13, 2021 laura

!CONGRATULATIONS!!! I want to thank God for the pioneers that started this great business that has given jobs to so many people including me. I am so proud of all of you, again CONGRATULATIONS.

Nestor Bustos

January 13, 2021 laura

Congratulations on 75 years ! Just a group of amazing people that are always coming together and giving it their all. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store.

Pam Schlagel

December 28, 2020 laura

What an incredible milestone to celebrate! Congratulations on 75 years!

Kathy Hornick

December 11, 2020 laura

What an impressive 75 years, Hats off to all involved to accomplish this mile stone! Congratulations!. I can’t imagine what another mile stone will bring.

Dave Dykshoorn

December 10, 2020 laura

Congratulations!  It’s an amazing group of companies to be a part of.  Here’s to 75 more years!

John Evans

December 8, 2020 laura

Amazing to not only survive but continue to grow over the course of 75 years!

Valerie Norling

December 4, 2020 laura

Congratulations to all the hard-working employees over the years!

Andy Gray

December 4, 2020 laura

What an accomplishment by all! Congratulations!

November 9, 2020 laura

Congrats on 75 years! Looking forward to 75 more.


October 22, 2019 admin

” I love coming to work at LSI knowing that I get to utilize my greatest strengths everyday while building relationships and collaborating with my coworkers to provide support and service to the affiliate companies.”


October 18, 2019 admin

“I enjoy my career with Select Genetics not only because it’s a rewarding trade that supports myself and my family, but this is a career for me that provides the opportunity to teach and inspire those around me to better themselves in ways they never believed were possible.”


October 15, 2019 admin

“The number one reason I enjoy working for Select Genetics is the people I get to work with. Secondly, the turkeys always present new challenges each and every day and I enjoy working as a team to find solutions to each challenge.”


October 15, 2019 admin

“Since joining this team in 2016, not only am I surrounded by brilliant expertise and friendly people but I have been provided countless opportunities for personal and professional development, unmatched in most corporate sectors.  The company’s investment in its team members to capitalize on strengths and build up weaknesses is paramount and plays a vital role in the success we each share.”


October 14, 2019 admin

“Nova-Tech Engineering values its employees and you can really feel it when you walk into our buildings. I really enjoy the flat structure of our organization; I can share my ideas and opinions freely with everyone in the organization, and thrive to be a better leader in my role.”


October 13, 2019 admin

“I enjoy working here because this company values and respects experience and the expertise employees bring, whatever level they are.”


July 15, 2015 admin

“The values of LSI really stick out to me. Coming from a team oriented background, values were always present in my life from an early age. I can see that these values aren’t just something that are put on the wall, they are shared by all and acted upon on a daily basis.”


July 15, 2015 admin

“It’s hard to come by a company today that values integrity. PALS (Poultry and Livestock Supplies) questions the status quo and doesn’t take the easy way out. It is encouraging to know I work for a company that strives for excellence while adhering to a strong code of moral and ethical principles.”


July 15, 2015 admin

“The number one reason I like working here is by far the people I work with every day. We are able to work together to accomplish our goals and we have a great time doing it.”