farm service elevator north load out

We know that in order to be good stewards of our company, we must make upgrades and invest in our facilities, our people, and technology. The perfect example of this has recently been on full display at our feed mill, Farm Service Elevator, with replacing their north load out in 2019!

The north load out was in need of repair, so the leaders of FSE took the opportunity to make improvements. The new technology gives us the capability to provide an increased number of diets by blending high protein and low protein rations. This new addition helps our customers and the end consumer. Here’s how:

  1. Load out time for trucks is decreased from 15 minutes to 5 minutes = increased efficiency for the mill to serve our customers better.
  2. Increased commercial turkey feed diets from 8 to 16 and slowly stepping down protein levels through feed blending = better cost for our customers and better flock performance –> poultry is kept at an affordable price for the end consumer!

Farm Service Elevator opened its doors in 1954 and the current feed milling facility has existed since the 1980’s. Farm Service Elevator has shown our values of stewardship and innovation through this new load out system, becoming one of the first independent feed milling facilities in the country to use this groundbreaking technology that will be around for decades to come. Congratulations to the team at Farm Service Elevator!

Read more about it in the West Central Tribune here!

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